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Web Protection

The Web is now Easy to Control.

The Cloud Keeps Unclean or Dangerous Content Off Your Network.

Spam Soap Web Protection Service provides proactive protection with simple to manage and feature-rich perimeter protection. Our robust web content control service helps companies secure their staff from harmful web content.

While it's clear that the Web has opened the door to infinite business opportunity, at the same time it has created a swift entryway for infection, malicious infiltration and corporate risk. Spam Soap provides proactive protection against emerging web-based attacks with our Web Protection Service. Offering a simple to manage and feature-rich perimeter protection, Spam Soap Web Protection Service allows you to gain effective control over unauthorized, unproductive workplace Internet access while adding bottom line cost savings.

Our Web Protection Service offers unprecedented protection at the perimeter from threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P and inappropriate content. With comprehensive reporting our Web Protection Service helps enforce acceptable use policies as well as security best practices.

Web Protection redirects browser traffic for users as each request for web content is received. Web Protection checks the content against defined policies and if enabled checks for known worms and viruses. Only the content that does not violate your policies and is clean of known threats is returned to the user. As the administrator you can enable or disable specific web content policies in the Spam Soap Console. The comprehensive graphical interface for the Web Protection Service is easy to use and understand.

No matter how many computers you have in your organization - and no matter how your organization is laid out. Whether your entire organization is located in one place or spread out across the globe, The Spam Soap Web Protection Service makes it easy to manage all of your employees from one web-based interface.

Easy to implement, manage and use, Spam Soap Web Protection is a scalable, reliable and secure service which blocks web threats before they cost you money. Add an additional layer of protection to your network security with Spam Soap Web Protection Service.

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