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We pay you to move your Postini accounts to Spam Soap

Postini is ending.
We’ll Pay You to make a fresh Clean Start.

Transfer your Postini accounts to Spam Soap, the reliable and secure Email Security leader and get paid to do it.

Who is eligible for “Pay To Move”?
Anyone who currently has Google Postini accounts that need to be migrated to another service, since Google announced the end of service for Postini.

What is happening to Postini?
Google has recently announced some significant structural changes to their email security platform. Later this year, Google will begin transitioning existing Postini customers to the Google Apps environment. These changes mark the end of life for the standalone Postini (Google Message Security) as well as the existing archiving platform.

Google Postini customers are certainly welcome to stay and enjoy modified services through the Google Apps interface which also houses Gmail, calendar, and vault.  It will still require changes to existing MX records and setting up a new system to match the security requirements of your business environment. All mail routing will now go through the Google Apps platform along with services like Gmail.

How can I be “Paid To Move” my Postini accounts?
Just move a Postini account over to Spam Soap and we’ll “Pay To Move” you.You’ll get 3 Months Free (90 Days!) on that account.

Spam Soap has assembled a team of dedicated migration experts focused in ensuring the seamless transition of services, systems, and users.  With over 10 years of industry experience, we understand what it takes to get the job done.  Spam Soap has the email, compliance, and continuity solutions in place to meet the demanding security needs of the business customer and a proven migration process. With one phone call we can take the steps to transition your Postini domains and protect your email environment within a few hours.  Our best in class process and platform will secure your vital business data and eliminate disruption.  We understand email is a critical part of your corporate messaging and will do everything that we can to ensure its availability now, and in the future.

For more information on Spam Soap’s portfolio of business messaging, security, and compliance solutions please contact one of our migration experts, today.

Don't be left with all the dirty work. Get the “Pay To Move” Spam Soap offer now.

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